The Multilevel Marketing Cults: Lies, Pyramid Schemes, and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom.

The Multilevel Marketing Cults: Lies, Pyramid Schemes, and the Pursuit of Financial Freedom.

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Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies have been around for a long while now. Yet their controversy seems endless, with accusations of being pyramid schemes, or operating in a cult like fashionโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s time we dive into the MLM industry and find out exactly what is going onโ€ฆ

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These companies follow a Multi-Level Marketing model, that means they often do not sell their products/services via retailers, but through a workforce of people sometimes called their โ€œdistributorsโ€. This strategy is also often labelled as Network Marketing.

Examples of these companies are: Herbalife, Amway, ACN, Younique, LuLaRoe, Arbonne, Beachbody, doTerra, Mary Kay, Nu Skin, etc.

Although it seems ordinary on the surface, many of these companies have received a great amount of backlash, with entire communities built to oppose these companies (often labelled as the anti-mlm community).

The question here is: why the backlash?

In this video we dive into the industry and the reasoning behind the backlash, as well as the shady practices some MLM companies use in order to keep their distributors inside the company.

Some of these practices include the selling of a โ€œdreamโ€ and promises of high returns, wealth, residual income, or โ€œfinancial freedomโ€ if they join, whilst simultaneously promoting many self-help concepts.

We also take a look at what exactly a Pyramid Scheme is, how to spot one, and whether the accusations against network marketing companies are deserved.

The pursuit of wealth and financial freedom can often be consuming โ€“ the question is who out there is choosing to exploit these desiresโ€ฆ

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Prologue - 00:00
Part 1: The Pitch - 03:17
Part 2: The Opportunity - 6:20
Ad Break - 14:06
Part 3: The Industry - 15:49
Part 4: Pyramid Schemes & Cults - 18:36
Part 5: Unravelling the Truth - 22:37
End/Bloopers - 27:47